Invertible Elements Presentation
A presentation on a technique I developed to find certain patterns in DNA sequences
Subdivision Lecture Notes
Notes that I wrote up for a class in Geometric Modeling, on the topic of subdivision curves and surfaces
Subdivision Surfaces Presentation
A presentation of the paper "Subdivision Surfaces for Character Animation"
Object Tracking Presentation
A presentation of the paper "Visual Tracking of High DOF Articulated Structures"
Deformable Object Registration Presentaion
A presentation of several papers dealing with registration of deformable objects
Distributed Cooperative Buffering Presentation
A presentation of an idea for accelerating networked file access by transparently using a network as a stage in the memory heirarchy
Maya Skeleton Exporter
Simple and very non-robust script to export skeletons from Maya. Select a node and run sklExport(). Email me if you have more questions.
Robust Mesh Completion Video
My colleague Joshua Podolak wrote a paper on hole filling / mesh completion, and I rendered, narrated, and edited this video for the submission
Face Synthesis Completion Video
My colleague Alex Golovinsky wrote a paper on statistical facial synthesis, and I narrated and produced this video for the submission
Nice Things about C#
Some features that I like about Microsoft's C#, especially as compared to Java
Some Hopeful Words
Computing My Erdős Number
How to trace me to Paul Erdős in Four easy steps