Rocky Rodent

Color = *M + L1 + L2
Material = , colors from [, , ] to [, , ] in [0, 255]
Bump = (used to perturb the normal, N )
Shadow = (Off is faster)
Light #1 = *M*( L*N ) + *M*( R*V )  
Light #1 Direction = [, , ]
Light #2 = *M*( L*N ) + *M*( R*V )  
Light #2 Direction = [, , ]
View Point = [, , ]
Reflection = 2*V*( V*L ) - L

Rocky Rodent is a sequel to Marble Mouse, which adds bump mapping for a rough, rock-like effect, as well as several other features, such as two independent lights (I could have called it Rocky Mouse, but that wouldn't have been alliterative).

With its default settings, Rocky Rodent shows the Happiest Company On Earth's trademark logo, rendered with a sort of coarse, rough marble-like pattern and color scheme, along with a nice specular reflection effect. It also has a cheesy shadow from the first light. (The rendering is faster with Shadow turned off)

You can change both the texture function and the bump function (or disable the bump by setting it to "None") For a very interesting effect, change both the texture and bump functions to "Noise", and disable the bright second light by entering 0 for both coefficients.

Note that there may be some problems where only a part of the image is updated. If this happens, please hit the update button again. Also please note that the image may take several seconds to render. Thank youfor your patience.

The source for Transform3D is in the files:

Copyright © 2005 Christopher DeCoro