QuikDraw is a simple vector drawing applet that allows the user to place and manipulate basic shapes and images, like the face on the right. Pressing and dragging the left mouse button will create a new instance of the currently selected shape, using the currently selected color. These can both be changed as described below by pressing the indicated buttons. The initial point of the mouse click represents the center point of the shape, and the mouse is dragged to specify the radius of the shape. A familiar mouse cursor indicates the corner of the bounding box.

Any object can be resized by clicking within its bounding box and dragging. To move an object, click within the bounding box with the right move button, and drag to the desired position. To change an object's color, set the current color, and click the desired object with the center mouse button. Finally, to delete an object, hold the delete key and click with the left mouse button.

The source for QuikDraw is in the file QuikDraw.java

Copyright © 2003 Christopher DeCoro